Anjas textile glue - Fabric Glue Bottle 40g (40 g)

Item num.: 4260410670170j

by Joerns Messevertrieb

EAN: 4260410670170

6,90 € *
Content: 40 g

Base Price: 17,25 € / 100 g
Quantity available: 12 x 40 g
Delivery time: instant delivery [*2]

    Anjas textile glue is suitable forall absorbent materials & textiles, leather, sails, tarpaulins.

    • Suitable for all absorbent materials &textiles, leather, Tarpaulins, sails ....
    • The treated fabric is machine washable at up to 95°C , ironproof uo to 185°C
    • The Bond stays at any temperature, soft, elastic and machine washable
    • Also for securing tents, awnings or covers made from fabric designed
    • In the original bottle at least 24 months-durable. Storage temperature: 6 to 24°C

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